This is a guided meditation class where you will go on a journey and deeply relax through various types of meditation each week.  To help you relax you will be lying down comfortably using blankets for support an comfort ( and optional lavender eye pillows). We will begin with gentle stretches to relax the body an breath work, then followed by the meditation to help you calm an open the mind. The benefits of meditation are: learn to relax deeply, help you let go of problems, help heal the body on all levels, bring more balance to your life, reduce stress, process emotions better and handle everyday challenges more positively and Sleep better. Meditation is also good for people who have anxiety, overworked, stressed, depressed or feeling unbalanced….. Some examples of meditations used in Kevala meditation class are: Mantras (silently repeat a word or phrase) ,counting the breath, mindfulness, guided meditations (chakras, connecting with earth, other themed meditations).