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Yoga, Pilates & Meditation on North Gold Coast

About Kevala Yoga

"Kevala" meaning ‘Whole’ & ‘Pure’

Welcome to Kevala Yoga, Pilates, Meditation. We are committed to providing safe, unique and inspiring YOGA, PILATES, MEDITATION classes at Coomera and Helensvale. We encourage students to explore, learn and grow on every level in classes. You will build strength, confidence and have more energy. All yoga classes are non judgemental and students of all levels are most welcome. Kevala Yoga classes are a unique blend of yoga styles, focusing on correct alignment and variety of breathing techniques with a gentle flow component. Our yoga classes will help you develop a greater sense of well being, bringing WHOLENESS to body, mind and life. PRICES ON CLASS TIMETABLE PAGE.

$17 for 2 classes
$30 for 30 days.

Yoga beginners welcome

Gold Coast Yoga and Meditation Classes

Kevala Yoga classes are held at Helensvale and New Upper Coomera community centre, catering to the North Gold coast.

Key benefits of Kevala Yoga:

  • Improve flexibility in Body & Mind
  • Increase Strength & balance
  • Reduction in Aches & pains
  • Boost your Immune system
  • Improve Hormone system
  • Improved posture
  • Help with Depression an Anxiety

More Kevala Yoga benefits

Kevala Pilates

Like Kevala Yoga classes, our pilates classes are for all levels and body types and modifications are offered to make classes accessible to everyone. We ensure you will understand how to work your “core” and how to make the connection to improve your posture, strength and stability. Kevala Pilates classes begin with an essential warm up period and a wide variety of exercises are used so you will never grow bored of the classes. We enjoy a working relationship with Physiotherapists and other health professionals helping students reach their fitness goals and rehabilitate injuries. We use pilates resistance bands and Small balls in classes to add more variety

More Kevala Pilates benefits

NEW mixed PILATES AND YOGA classes at Upper Coomera and Helensvale, meditation an other healing modalities

Join a Kevala Yoga class or Kevala Pilates class at one of our North Gold Coast locations, Helensvale, Oxenford and Upper Coomera. Contact us today.

Kevala Yoga Vision

At Kevala Yoga it is our vision to help students grow happier an healthier.

You will feel positive in body, mind and life once you begin this journey with Kevala Yoga and Pilates."

"Yoga is a light, which once lit,will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter the flame.”
BKS Iyengar

Kevala Yoga